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Camping at the Plantation

RV Trailers RV Campers
Located on the hillside. We have 38 finished drive-thru RV lots with water, electric and sewer hookups. Also, we have 10 unfinished drive-thru RV lots that are under construction.

Restrooms Facilities / Restrooms
Our shower and restroom facility is located on the right side of RV park. The upper level has restrooms and showers. The lower level has a card room, one restroom and a laundry room although we have two washers, two dryers and a sink.

Price for washing is $ 1.50 per load and for drying is $ 1.50 per load. You must ask the office for entry key.

Camping with Horses Information
We now have sites and facilities for overnight stays with horses in a private location.

The price for horse camping is the same for regular camping $10.00 each couple camping. One time registration fee of $5.00 for horse/horses.

All horses must have all shots and paper work proving so. The out post next to camp site for horse water, electric, sewer, to each site. The shower house is a short distance from campsite for convenience. These campers can enjoy there own private lake to fish in.

NOTE: Anyone camping with a horse must call or make a reservation. Must check-in so the staff members will direct you to the horse camp sites.

Pet Information
$ 5.00 per Pet


  • No Aggressive Pets
  • Pets must be Leashed

  • Owner must clean up after pet.
  • No Pets Allowed on Beach.

We Reserve the Right to refuse any pet that we may feel is disruptive.

Thank you for understanding.

Snakes are coldblooded, which they must regulate their body temperature. For instance that when it is at the hottest part of the day, snakes will go into shaded areas. During the coolest of the day, they will move to open areas on rocks and timbers to warm themselves.

All snakes are particular about what they eat.
  • Rat snakes eat rats, mice, moles and bird eggs.
  • Water snakes feed primarily on dead, diseased or injured fish.
  • King snakes feed on other snakes, mice, young birds and bird eggs.
  • Some small snakes, such as the rough green snake, eat insects; others, such as earth snakes and worm snakes, eat earthworms, slugs and salamanders.
  • Toads are the favorite food of the hognose snake.
More Information on snake identification is available on the "Missouri Department of Conservation Snakes" Web page: http://mdc.mo.gov/node/6646.

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